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Mythodrama / Archetypal Astrology Event

 ‘O Brave New World' inspired by Shakepeare’s “The Tempest”


With Laurence Hillman and Richard Olivier

When: Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM on March 17 - Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM March 19, 2017

Where: In St. Louis, Missouri, Central Studio, 5617 Pershing Ave, St. Louis, MO 63112. www.centralstudiostl.com

What: If you missed our extraordinary event in France last spring, this is your chance right here in the heartland. Using the Alchemical mysteries hidden at the heart of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, combined with the power of Archetypal Astrology, we will go on a deep journey into our hearts and souls. This unique experiential program is designed for those in the midst of a working life who recognize that 'something is missing,' or has been left behind in the business of everyday life.

During this 2.5 day workshop we will embark on an inquiry into personal purpose, the depths of imaginative possibility, and the 'brave new world' that is waiting for us, if we give it our time and our attention.

Key learning points:

• The journey of the Soul seeking wholeness

• The Cultivation of Soul through crisis, descent and return

• Connecting Heart and Imagination to release true vitality

• Union of the Masculine and Feminine principles

• Discernment of our calling through listening to the Soul's voice 

We will use several techniques of Mythodramatic practice and Archetypal Astrology; including story, theater, constellations, and symbolic coaching sessions. We intend that each participant find the relationship with Soul that is calling them at this point in their lives, and identifies what needs to transform in order to release that unique potential. Each participant will receive a printout of their astrological chart from Laurence to aid in this deeply transformational work.

Cost: $775 or $495 depending on your means. We use an honor system and self asessment.

Accomodations: You can find any hotel/Airbnb/hostel that is along the MetroLink Red Line. The stop nearets the event is the Forest Park-DeBaliviere Station which is minutes away from the workshop location. You could stay near the airport (least expensive but isolated) or in Clayton (many restaurants). Or, you can stay in the very hip Moonrise hotel in the Loop (many restaurants, great to walk around) which is a 10 minute Uber ride or 20 minute walk from the workshop. 

Registration: We suggest you sign up soon as this workshop is sure to fill up quickly. YOU REGISTER HERE

Questions: Email Laurence at laurence@lhillman.com or call him at +1-314-997-7744.



A One-Day Open-Door Event to Explore Archetypes in Business Settings

Please join Richard Oliver and me on March 16th in St. Louis for this first-ever event of its kind. A detailed invitation is here>

On the Election

I wrote this short essay in response to the election. 

Hillman School

The Hillman School opened its first class on October 1, 2016. The class, Archetypal Immersion, has students in 6 countries on five continents. What a great start!

I am teaching the Archetypal Immersion class again starting March 3rd, 2017. More information here.

For many years I have held on to the desire to teach this class — an opportunity for the students and me to immerse ourselves in the ten archetypes. I imagined that we would concentrate on one archetype a week. How would our lives be enriched if we fully engaged with, and began to embody, these energies? How would we know ourselves and those in our lives better?

Archetypes can be defined as universal principles, core ideas and experiences that we all share. Archetypes are also eternal and have a certain more than human quality to them, This means that being aware of archetypes, within ourselves and in the world around us, is a way of stepping into something vast and meaningful.

But why ten?

The planets in the sky connect us. No matter where we go in the world stargazers are watching the same planets move through the heavens. As an archetypal astrologer I have studied the movement of the planets, and the synchronous correspondence in people's lives, for nearly forty years. This has led to my understanding that we can explain just about anything with the extraordinary richness of the ten planetary building blocks if we understand them as archetypal. It is astrological convention to call the Sun and the Moon planets. And yes, Pluto is still an (astrological) planet.

Yet, this course is not about astrology. It is broader than that.

My worldview is archetypal. This means that nothing is merely as it appears. As a matter of course I always see underlying forms, structures, and stories. When I see a person dance out of line, buck the system, and go their own way, I see their Inner Disturber. This is an archetype, a universal expression that was as present in the French Revolution as when you broke up with your first love. It does not matter when in history, or where in the world, this archetype expresses itself. While time and place modify the particular expression of the archetype, with a developed sensibility we can recognize such core principles universally and through time. 

This course is about developing such sensibilities. You will dis-cover how the ten archetypes express themselves through you by consciously immersing yourself in their world. This way you will be able to recognize them in the world around you.

We all have an Inner Disturber, a part of us who disrupts, invents, wears purple hair, and sometimes gives the third finger. For some, this archetype  — "personality trait" is an appropriate term here — is what they are most known for. For others, there is only a faint memory of this part of them.

This course is about re-connecting with all ten inner archetypes.

Why? Because that is when you live the most complete life you can. It is my contention that by the end of this course you will agree with this bold statement: With the ten archetypes explored here we have the tools to understand anything that we come up against in the complex and difficult world of today.