The Hillman School


My latest venture is the Hillman School. The vision of this school is to teach the ability to think archetypally. The archetypal world permeates our lives and the more we are aware of its patterns the better we can co-create our reality.

The purpose of this school is to offer you a portal and a language for venturing deeper into yourself, so that you you can better understand the people and world around you.

In a series of on-line classes that you take at your own pace, after they are posted, we will explore some of life's deepest mysteries.

What is your purpose in this world? Why is the world breaking at its seams? What is emerging? Why do we keep repeating the same personal patterns? Why is the company you founded suddenly failing?

Here you will learn to recognize an archetypal world that exists alongside, and within, the reality we perceive. By learning to understand and co-create with this world, you will find that you are engaging with nature herself.

The first class began on October 1, 2016, a 10-week immersion in to the archetypes. Based on the 10 planets but non-astrological, I began an in-depth journey with my students into the King, Queen, Trickster, Lover, Warrior, Explorer, Builder, Maverick, Dreamer, and Death. 

Other classes are following soon. They are taught byy other teachers and by myself.

All the information is here: The Hillman School