North Node As Numinosum

As an astrologer at the Millennium shift, I am consulted for different reasons than in previous decades. Whereas earlier the ques­tions mostly concerned the Big Three - work/money, sex, and health - there is a dis­tinct shift towards asking astrology to direct a client's spiritual quest and to describe the native's place and purpose in a larger cosmos. Over the past twenty years, I have started most every astrological reading with the ques­tion: "Why are you here today? What would you like out of this reading?" The issues raised by this inquiry have hitherto centered largely on the aforementioned emotional issues. The contemporary answers I am getting and the connections they have to our time is the topic of this article.

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Millennial Archetypes - Astrological Views

This is an exciting time. In forty-three days, ready or not, we will find ourselves in a new Millennium. Such an event, of course, only comes around every thousand years or so... What I would like to discuss with you tonight is the understanding of this time as it presents itself to us symbolically. I would like to use the language of astrology, a subject very dear to Carl Jung, to help us get a grasp on what he referred to the Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist literally translates into “the ghost or spirit of our time.” While Jung gives our dreams such tremendous importance, a place where the archetypes appear in symbols, I would like to invite you to see the world around you as what my colleague Ray Grasse calls a “Waking Dream” in his book with the same title. It describes this wondrous idea that the archetypes surround us constantly, that we need not be asleep to experience them, and that reading the symbols in any moment allows us to enjoy the archetypes in action at that time. Did you know that the Goddess Venus lives in every chocolate mousse?

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