Astrology Q&A

How does Astrology work?

For a brilliant article about how Astrology works read this by Brian Kochunas.

Do I have free will?

Yes. The more you know about your Birth Chart, the more free will you have. You are here to learn certain lessons that you cannot run away from. However, you can freely choose the classroom in which you learn. Life lessons are shown in your Astrological Birth Chart. The more you know your life lessons the more choice you have. If you don't know these lessons then you feel that life is happening to you.

Acausal thinking

There are no "invisible forces" between you and the planets. We are not puppets on strings and when the planets move this somehow forces us to move too. Typical Western education teaches causal thinking: "The heat from the sun causes the snow to melt." Often Astrologers are asked if we really believe that distant planets can have an effect on us. This is causal thinking. Astrological thinking is acausal.

Synchronicity at the heart of Astrology

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung used the term synchronicity to describe events that are connected by meaning and not causally. You are connected with the planets through synchronicity. If, for instance, there is tension between the planets, then there is equally tension within you at the same time. As above, so below. How to read this "tension between the planets" is what this website is about. As you learn about planetary behavior you learn about human behavior.

Is astrology a science?

Yes, and no. The same way that medicine is a science and an art, so is astrology. Science underlies both but the doctor and the astrologer need artistic intuition to excel. Astrology is a healing art, a helping professions.

How does astrology differ from astronomy?

Imagine two rural Chinese sisters who share a great love of theatre. They speak no English but are one day taken to a Broadway play. They sit in the front row, mesmerized. The first sister is fascinated by the movements of the curtains, the mechanics of the scenery going up and down, the remote-controlled objects moving magically across the stage, and the magnificent sound and lighting all around her. The other sister focuses on the play. Who is saying what to whom? What is the story line?The first sister is analogous to the astronomer, the second to the astrologer. They have different interests in the same event.