Astrology Q&A

What Can Astrology Do For Me?

Our relationship with astrology

Astrology's acceptance by the public, and those who rule it, has varied greatly over the last four millennia. Sometimes seen as a divinatory skill practiced by high priests and priestesses, sometimes as quackery or simply entertainment for the gullible, views on astrology have never been lukewarm. One thing is for sure, neither the Catholic Church in medieval times, nor skeptics and scientists today have been able to quash it. Over thousands of years astrology has remained a constant in the human search for meaning by looking to the heavens. We are in a persistent quest to understand the universe, nature, and ourselves.

Strong emotional responses from science influence many

Astrology evokes very strong feelings from the scientific community. For instance, a few years ago Kepler College in Washington State became fully accredited to give a Master’s degree titled Eastern and because, as one scientist once put it, “The football sitting in the corner of the delivery room has more gravitational pull on a baby's birth than Pluto.” Of course, he is right, however, he also has no clue of astrology. 

There is more to astrology than sun sign horoscopes

There is a huge lack of information and education about astrology today. Yet, if you ask someone on the street what astrology is, just about anybody will have an answer: horoscopes in the back of magazines or on the internet. This is the single biggest problem for serious astrologers today. This point cannot be emphasized enough: Astrology is not the same as horoscopes based on your birth sign. We may ask why horoscopes have become so popular, why even astrologers pick up and read their daily horoscope when no one is watching… what is going on here?

Sun sign horoscopes are feel good entertainment

While a huge number of Americans actually believe in sun sign horoscopes, (according to The Harris Poll #52 of 9/13/00, over 40%) reading about what will happen to me today gives me a sense that my day is somewhat predetermined, that I can take just a little less responsibility for what happens in my life. This makes people feel relieved and comforted. Don't forget that these horoscopes are often computer generated, say mostly nice things and are so non-specific that they would fit anyone. People believe in sun sign horoscopes because they want to, especially if they promise love or money.

Astrology can be like therapy

When people ask, "So what exactly happens in an astrological reading?" I often reply, "Have you ever been in therapy?" If the answer is affirmative, I continue, "It's like six month's worth of therapy condensed into one hour." While astrology will never replace therapy, they are two very complementary helping professions. They both look for patterns, while astrology can quickly pinpoint them. Why do you, for instance:

  • Keep dating unfaithful men?

  • Keep working for scandalous bosses?

  • Feel your needs are never being met sexually?

  • Keep running yourself into debt?

  • Remain painfully undecided about whether or not to have children?

Now the choice becomes yours

This is where astrology becomes extraordinarily useful. Once we recognize these inner patterns and understand how we are "put together," then we have choices on how to proceed. Next time you experience something that has previously brought you grief, (say love, work, friends, family and so forth) you can respond differently, because you are now aware of your patterns. So, astrology can bring you awareness and choices. This means that you also become responsible or "response-able" and this is where many people would rather turn to sun sign horoscopes. It is, after all, much easier to blame the stars.