Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an extended conversation with a specific focus. My commitment to you is to help you concentrate on whatever the problem is that you're facing. We find solutions and define measurable goals. I consider your problems an invitation to pose a number of questions. For instance, I will typically ask:

  • What is the underlying issue at hand - what is really causing this situation?
  • What resources are available to you to come to a resolution?
  • What specific tasks need to be lined up and executed?
  • How soon will you finish these and in what order?
  • How do you align yourself to your job in the most productive way?

Once this assessment is made I equip you with a useful set of tools, including practical feedback and expert guidance as you resolve the issues at hand.

Anything we ever discuss is completely confidential.

Most suitable for -

  • Crisis Management
    “I was doing great in my career and now everything is a mess - what is going on?”
    “I am experiencing a personal crisis and it is affecting my work - when will things get better?”
    “My company is being targeted for a hostile takeover - how should I best respond?”
  • Managing Career Transitions
    “I just got made redundant - how do I find something better?”
    “Should I take this promotion and when will this window of opportunity close?”
    “How do I best prepare my organization for my retirement?”
  • Finding Meaningful Work
    “I hate my career - is it aligned with what I was meant to do?”
    “I want to make a difference in the world with my company - what am I best suited to do?”
    “I am retiring from a successful career - how do I best apply my skills and talents now?”
  • HR Support
    “Is this person suited for this job?”
    “I need a leader to help me run my organization. Is this candidate a leader?”
    “What style of manager would this person be?”