While the possibilities for applying my skills to corporate and individual needs is always expanding, here are some currently explored and deliverable projects:


  • Coaching Project  -   This is an initial six-session commitment, to be continued as needed. Each session is 45-90 minutes and the spacing between sessions is 1-6 weeks. Coaching is on the phone or in person. I provide an instant digital recording for secure download. Off-hours are available. All coaching is strictly confidential.


  • HR Support Project  -  Working with a Human Resource executive or team to assess the potential fit of a candidate from a short list.


  • Team Building Project  -  Depending on the size of the team, meeting with each individual team member or key figures. Assess and manage underlying patterns that get in the way of efficiency and the bottom line.


  • Alignment Project  -  Working with a leader or with a leadership team the outcome here is an awareness of how aligned a company's leadership is with its vision about what it does in the world. If the original template is no longer congruent with the company's strategy then crucial adjustments must be made. This is an extremely effective tool to understand "why things go wrong" on a deeper level than the obvious. Second, practical steps are explored to re-align the organization with the original template that was defined when it was founded.  Only then can these permeate through the organization.


  • Presentation  -  From a unique perspective this is a 30-60 minute presentation with a slideshow about the foundational shifts and revolutionary global trends that are now changing the way we do business.  Includes practical suggestions on how companies and leaders can best respond to stay competitive and in the game.