Consulting Testimonials

QuotationOpenI was looking for techniques to help me carry out my role as manager and administrator with greater courage and integrity.  In the four days of the workshop I found a surprising number of tools that have greatly improved the level of my day-to-day performance. The experience has proven invaluable. What makes Laurence Hillman so extraordinarily well suited to this work is a profound human sensitivity and compassion, a surprising ability to tap deeply into the energies of those around him, and an honesty and integrity that fosters both the insight that allows discovery and the courage to face that which is discovered. In a world of seriously shifting business paradigms, Laurence is a resource for calmness, clarity and community with few equals.QuotationClose
- Paul B. Kelly, Vice President , TV Sales and Production, ShopNBC, Inc.

QuotationOpenFor over six years now Laurence Hillman consistently provides me with cutting-edge advice for my business ventures. He is an astute observer of business trends and continually helps me anticipate the future from a creative and focused perspective. His accuracy is at times uncanny and while I don't quite get how he does it, it works extraordinarily well for me.QuotationClose
- Bob Doenges, CEO, Entrepreneur

QuotationOpenI recently attended a workshop with Laurence Hillman. His technique and insight give you a different perspective of seeing the world. For anyone in business who needs to get outside the corporate box to see better within it, I highly recommend Laurence. He gently nudges you outside your comfort zone and provides you with the tools and strategy to tackle any challenge before you.QuotationClose
- Dolores Shore, Global Director, Human Resources, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality

QuotationOpenLaurence Hillman has been instrumental in helping us focus and link our strategic decisions with timing. As the company is going through rapid expansion during these tough times, Laurence has been an essential contributor with our store-opening dates this year in Palm Beach, Boston, and Newport, Rhode Island. His unique approach and accurate understanding of our ongoing efforts, have allowed us to continuously make conscious decisions universally. His quality of work, matched with his ability to connect with you on a personal level, makes an all-around unparalleled experience.QuotationClose
- Carolyn Rafaelian, Owner and Designer, Alex and Ani, Inc.

QuotationOpenWorking with Laurence Hillman for over 30 years now, I was surprised at his abilities and versatility from the day we met. He combines very practical understanding and business skills with a great sense of humor. During regular sessions with him he has been extremely supportive in the development of my personal as well as professional life. He continues to be a very precious companion who has encouraged me to walk my path. This has been extremely valuable and shows in real value on the bottom line in my organization. He also continues to be most valuable in helping me we with hiring decisions as he has an uncanny ability to assess any potential employees.QuotationClose
- Matti Weinberg, CEO, mgm Group Corporation, Switzerland

QuotationOpenAs the owner of a small manufacturing firm I am faced with many challenges. I live in Seattle, two thousand miles away form my factory in St Louis and must manage to successfully maintain operations at a distance. I often find myself in need of a certain perspective on the state of my organization and those are the times I turn to Laurence Hillman for advice. Laurence has been my trusted ally over the past 10 years. Whether I need the strategic advice of a corporate board, help with assessing new hires, or solving in-house team problems, he provides me with enormously practical help every time I reengage his services. His breadth of knowledge is incomparable.QuotationClose
- Perry Emge, President, St. Louis Spring Company