Archetypal Consulting


For over 30 years I have helped companies and individuals to focus on their intentions. Every entity, large or small has a specific purpose.  I define success as an alignment with this purpose.

Companies often speak of a “mission” to define why they exist. When I work with an organization I undertake a detailed assessment of this focus. This goes beyond any statements about what a company thinks it does and looks at what is really being done. I then develop strategies to re-align the organization with the intentions that have been set by the leadership.

Executives typically speak of “calling” when they seek to align themselves with their most important work. As an outside and objective party I use practical tools to assess this purpose. When I coach individuals through their issues, consistently the greatest gratification comes from an alignment between their work and “what they signed up for.”

Our world is changing quickly and dramatically. Organizations and individuals need to gain a working knowledge of the historical shifts we find ourselves in. I have decades of experience viewing these changes through a set of unique and powerful lenses. It not only explains what is changing but helps us look out for opportunities and pitfalls as we collectively turn the corner and move towards a new era.

I am interested in exploring the following themes with my clients:

  • Cultural trends - the complete paradigm shifts in global structures and how to best respond
  • Mission and vision statements and how well they align with the Archetypes at Work
  • Executive coaching that helps leaders and teams stay focused
  • Reviewing why "something went wrong" to prevent a recurrence